II-V-I Tutor
These pages provide interactive display control of guitar voicing diagrams for the II-V-I chord progression, displaying the chord functionality of each note in the chord.

Following is an example of the chord symbols and voicing diagrams shown for the major rootless voicings:
Voicing diagrams

Controls underneath the diagrams allow for selection of II or Vsus chord types, V chord alterations, and chord voicing position on the fretboard. Following is an example of the controls for the major rootless voicings:
Type and voicing controls The voicings in the navigation list to the left are grouped by voicing type and whether each chord contains the root note (rooted voicings) or not (rootless voicings).

It's pretty intuitive once you get started. For much more information on how this site works, see the Details page.

The following example plays the   Dm9   G13   Cmaj9   C6/9   voicings shown above, first without any bass notes, then with bass notes.